Brady contribution superstar performance Patriot 42:14 win over Texans


Week of the NFL regular season ushered in the focus of the war, the New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans. With the excellent play of the Patriots star quarterback Brady home 42:14 victory over the Texans.
Brady audience of 35 passes completed in 21 times, advancing 296 yards. Has been ahead of the AL East champion Patriots (10 wins, 3 losses) made ​​7-game winning streak, the distance AP Texans ranked first (11 wins, 2 losses) only one wins the gap.
Patriots and Texans the Union offensive strongest two teams. However, this strong dialogue Patriots clearly superior for touchdowns in their first attack, Weiss – Welker access the abandoned football back to the attack 31 yards later pick Brady pass advancing 25 yards, completed a 7-yard touchdown catch by Aaron – Hernandez. This makes Brady continuous touchdown pass streak to 45 games and ranked third in NFL history.
Patriots home games in December, has been made in a 20-game winning streak, while the next half of the game, made ​​a 21-game winning streak.
Texans get the playoff spot, but they have not locked the division title, they are currently leading the Colts to two wins, but they will be held in the last three games of the season, home and away against the pony, which will determine the Midland South District championship attribution. Losing two games this season, the Texans have lost 42 points, the last time in October 14, losing to the Green Bay Packers.
Last week re-signed and the Patriots Tangte – Starr Worth the field contributed a 63-yard touchdown catch, the touchdown Brady at least four touchdown passes in 18 games, beyond the Hall of Fame quarterback John – uni Tasman row in NFL history 4.


Beckham announced the happy family portrait shine



According to Taiwan media reports, the 37-year-old football golden boy David Beckham upcoming season after going to leave Los Angeles Galaxy 2, 2009, he staged a perfect farewell show to help the Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the Houston Dynamo 3 successfully defending MLS league champion, and David Beckham in the game 95 minutes for the match to accept the cheers and applause of the fans in the audience.
Today, he is happy to put on the face book group photo of himself and his wife Victoria, three sons and championship, the excitement was all written in the photos. Beckham a big show of family photos on Facebook, photo less his favorite daughter, a jolly photo or superabsorbent eye, especially the the Beckham three handsome son lined up in rows, handsome index point not lost father, want to see grow up, and also awesomeness how many girls heart.

Loveland, A Sex Theme Park in Korea surprising

South Korea on Jeju Island also known as the island honeymoons, is an amusement park for adults called Loveland dedicated to sex and carnal pleasures. A really amazing idea that could only come from Asia.
Located 10 minutes from Jeju International Airport, this park for adults is filled with statues, pictures, toys, and video (140 works of art in total) representing positions of kamasutra, this park evokes desires sex for adults who visit.
The entire park is designed around a lake and the calm and sensuality worthy of a room. Far from traditional parks, visitors here are art lovers that people searching for sensations.
To access the park site is here.




















Haute couture and opera under the dome of the centenary Palace

Caruso sounding chords, song composed by the great Italian artist Lucio Dalla. Under the gleaming dome of Palace of Madrid, a model wearing a dress in organza fashion house Givenchy-seventies parades among those attending a special edition of the Musical & Brunch held every Sunday as glamorous building yesterday and wanted to commemorate its hundred-year history.
Thus, during lunchtime, the crowd under the beautiful dome enjoyed a live opera performance while reveling in a fashion that showed the history of the twentieth century costumes. A tour of fabric that matches the hotel’s history. It was easy to imagine Greta Garbo in the figure of one of the models wearing a leopard coat and a headdress Poelmans Delly, sitting cross-legged studying the script of any story.
On the carpet marched a total of 18 designs vintage collector belonging to João Magalhães, director of the Automobile Museum in Malaga. The predilection of this Portuguese for fashion was born to find out how in the rear of the car that was acquired for his collection was quite common to find Mrs. headdresses, also of time. So, he began to travel around the world to collect museum pieces now exposed on special occasions, such as the event yesterday at the Palace, and in the museum aims to show early next year.
The Torna a Surriento score, composed by Ernesto de Curtis, further embellished presentation of Delphos, a garment the designer Mariano Fortuny, in the words of the artistic director of the parade, Ana Gayo, conceptualized the “wisdom” of the history of costumes. A set of sport chic Christian Dior dress with jewels and feathers Valentino, Dior blue dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1958 and a hat-shoe, in honor of its creator, the designer Elsa Schiaparelli, were among the pieces that attendees could see in the main hall of the hotel while enjoying the buffet.
But not only wore suits, but also the headdresses, the EME brand shoes, household gloves and jewelry VARADE Carrera and Carrera. Not forgetting, of course, the music, according to the time of the dresses.

Rihanna 777 tour London station crazy from touch

On November 21 news, according to British newspaper the sun reported, the London evening local time, 19, America and Europe pop music small days rihanna “777” tour arrived in London station. Rihanna performance very hard on the day, the scene atmosphere fever, rihanna sing to rise more stage from touch nakedness repeat, make people suffered.

The performance day, London fans to rihanna performance very fever, the scene atmosphere super HIGH. Rihanna that night wearing a leopard grain bra, white trousers, from time to time set out hot posture. Sing to the rise of the audience is a flirtation posture, exaggeration from touch nakedness from the capacity crowd of fans cheer warm. It is reported, before the show in London, rihanna had appeared in a local store Christmas lighting ceremony. The global tour, rihanna is big out private plane, with all the staff and digital fans counterparts. According to media speculation, rihanna trip cost spending quite big.

It is reported, rihanna the world tour is to his new album “Unapologetic” to do propaganda. “777” tour plan in seven days go around seven cities. 19 late London station performance is the penultimate game, later rihanna will be non-stop to the United States, in the United States time 20, in New York city tour “777” the last grand finale performance.

Rihanna’s latest album, “Unapologetic” has been on November 19, in the world began to issue, rihanna the global tour for the new album is detonated topic, promote sales.

Exposure Bieber and Selena broke up Fans curse third party supermodel Barbara

According to the U.S. website E! News reported small kings of American pop-music Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez had parted. Since then, the “People” magazine confirmed the news.
Informed sources: Selena and Bieber about a week ago and broke up. “They often together from many relationship to maintain it very troublesome. Selena Bieber is not how I believe two of them not very easy , chose to break up. ”
The 20-year-old Serena and 18-year-old Bieber after dating for a few months, in February 2011 to formalize the relationship. August 2011 and July this year, the two had a breakup rumors, but last month, two people with paparazzi photographed picture play together.
Bieber recently accepted a famous American talk show host Oprah Winfrey interview, said: “I do not want to feel in her ashamed I let her (Selena),” The interviews will be held November 25 in the U.S. television broadcast.
Another rumor said the two had the break up is because of the intervention of the “Victoria’s Secret supermodel Barbara Palvin. It is reported that the U.S. local time last night Justin – Bieber with a group of friends in Broadway to watch the performance, including a 19-year-old supermodel, Barbara. The rumors have not been confirmed, but outside there are many online Barbara scolded Bieber fans.