Rihanna 777 tour London station crazy from touch

On November 21 news, according to British newspaper the sun reported, the London evening local time, 19, America and Europe pop music small days rihanna “777” tour arrived in London station. Rihanna performance very hard on the day, the scene atmosphere fever, rihanna sing to rise more stage from touch nakedness repeat, make people suffered.

The performance day, London fans to rihanna performance very fever, the scene atmosphere super HIGH. Rihanna that night wearing a leopard grain bra, white trousers, from time to time set out hot posture. Sing to the rise of the audience is a flirtation posture, exaggeration from touch nakedness from the capacity crowd of fans cheer warm. It is reported, before the show in London, rihanna had appeared in a local store Christmas lighting ceremony. The global tour, rihanna is big out private plane, with all the staff and digital fans counterparts. According to media speculation, rihanna trip cost spending quite big.

It is reported, rihanna the world tour is to his new album “Unapologetic” to do propaganda. “777” tour plan in seven days go around seven cities. 19 late London station performance is the penultimate game, later rihanna will be non-stop to the United States, in the United States time 20, in New York city tour “777” the last grand finale performance.

Rihanna’s latest album, “Unapologetic” has been on November 19, in the world began to issue, rihanna the global tour for the new album is detonated topic, promote sales.


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