Haute couture and opera under the dome of the centenary Palace

Caruso sounding chords, song composed by the great Italian artist Lucio Dalla. Under the gleaming dome of Palace of Madrid, a model wearing a dress in organza fashion house Givenchy-seventies parades among those attending a special edition of the Musical & Brunch held every Sunday as glamorous building yesterday and wanted to commemorate its hundred-year history.
Thus, during lunchtime, the crowd under the beautiful dome enjoyed a live opera performance while reveling in a fashion that showed the history of the twentieth century costumes. A tour of fabric that matches the hotel’s history. It was easy to imagine Greta Garbo in the figure of one of the models wearing a leopard coat and a headdress Poelmans Delly, sitting cross-legged studying the script of any story.
On the carpet marched a total of 18 designs vintage collector belonging to João Magalhães, director of the Automobile Museum in Malaga. The predilection of this Portuguese for fashion was born to find out how in the rear of the car that was acquired for his collection was quite common to find Mrs. headdresses, also of time. So, he began to travel around the world to collect museum pieces now exposed on special occasions, such as the event yesterday at the Palace, and in the museum aims to show early next year.
The Torna a Surriento score, composed by Ernesto de Curtis, further embellished presentation of Delphos, a garment the designer Mariano Fortuny, in the words of the artistic director of the parade, Ana Gayo, conceptualized the “wisdom” of the history of costumes. A set of sport chic Christian Dior dress with jewels and feathers Valentino, Dior blue dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1958 and a hat-shoe, in honor of its creator, the designer Elsa Schiaparelli, were among the pieces that attendees could see in the main hall of the hotel while enjoying the buffet.
But not only wore suits, but also the headdresses, the EME brand shoes, household gloves and jewelry VARADE Carrera and Carrera. Not forgetting, of course, the music, according to the time of the dresses.


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