The Lady Gaga balcony semitectum see fans only hold the coconut modesty



According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on November 7, Local 6, U.S. singer Lady Gaga in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to participate in activities in the hotel balcony to meet with the fans, but her bare upper body, wearing only wearing a pair of black panties to fans are greatly surprised. 26-year-old, her only a coconut cleverly modesty, Super Bowl Rings  perfect to show to the fans with her ​​plump, graceful figure.


Chanel No. 5 perfume allergens detected Or EU lock-up

November 7 message, according to the British “Daily Mail” message, Chanel No. 5 since its inception in 1921, has been synonymous with fashion and taste, sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, hailing it as the only perfume use. But recently, the EU scientific team claimed a tree moss ingredients Chanel No. 5 or allergenic, with a 91-year-old Chanel No. 5 may be banned. Chanel No. 5 this every 30 seconds, will be able to sell a bottle of the world’s top-selling perfume, tens of thousands of women around the world every day, it really hidden hazards?
Tree moss A mosses on the bark of trees grown in the northern hemisphere, is more common in the former Yugoslavia. But many perfume has begun to phase out tree moss, replaced by a similar flavor synthetic moss or oak moss. Some of the most common ingredients such as jasmine and roses may in the future become a “guest of the perfume composition tables. Come talk Chanel No. 5, this harmless the tree Moss in the end is what? How important it is for Chanel No. 5? According to the person in charge of the international fragrance agencies Francis Pickthall, tree moss is an important component of the high-end perfume, it has a unique aroma, any fanatical Chanel No. 5, people can flew to distinguish.
Chanel’s official spokesman claimed: “If we can not add perfume ingredients, a classic perfume era will likely end.” Chanel No. 5 came on the occasion of the upcoming 100 years, I do not know of its founder cocoa • Chanel hear EU scientists This thesis will feel. Its students the world, but with its aroma is full of magical and timeless. Cocoa • Chanel seems May is the fifth month of the year is a lucky number, so for perfume name, and the fact that this figure is indeed brought her lucky.
Is said Cocoa Chanel in Paris, a high-end restaurant table next to spray this set of jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and other auxiliary components, including perfume, women walked beside her to stop and the footsteps asked her with what perfume where to buy. She later said: “This is exactly what I want to effect a unique perfume, a woman’s perfume, has a woman’s unique taste.”
The countless women love this episode a perfume If you want to change the formula, and women who will agree with me? The perfumers Luoyaduofen (Roja Dove), said: “People love the smell of a century, they suddenly want to eliminate, in the end is right or wrong to do so? Wait for everyone to make their own judgment.”
It is reported that, according to the provisions of the Ordinance implemented by the European Commission in 2006, including tree moss and eugenol (extract rose oil), including 26 common ingredients must be marked in the perfume packaging, because of these ingredients may cause allergies. The tree moss events not only affects the Chanel brand, also spread to all the other perfume favored by consumers, such as Dior, Guerlain, France.

The Polish coffin providers to push 2013 nude model calendar provoke controversy




Recently, the Polish coffin manufacturer Lindner launched a controversial 2013 calendar. Calendar photo, the models were half-naked upper body, put on a large sexy sultry pose next to the coffin, and in this way to to coffin advertise for. The calendar has been issued immediately was the shelling of the Catholic Church.
Zbigniew Lindner, Lindner’s founder, said: “We are doing this in order to tell you, the coffin is not a religious symbol, but a product.” The Catholic Church is attacked and said: “This would hurt the Taiga death is a very sacred thing, gone the people should be respected, rather than sully ‘sex’. ”


Sexy goddess Kelly Brook staged passion pole dance show Haoru

UK time on November 1, sexy goddess Kelly Brook in the UK with Crazy Horse Dancing group cheap cigarettes  staged a passion for singing and dancing show – “Forever Crazy”. Kelly wore a beautiful white wig, dressed in red sequined sexy dance is installed, several dancers in just a few black cloth strip-naked, three-point full disclosure, around the steel pipe passion dance, temptation to the extreme.

Apple iPad mini on sale Friday Global site deserted

EDT on October 4, according to foreign media reports, Apple iPad mini on Friday officially on sale, Apple fans lined up waiting outside the store. But the scene is far inferior to those of the previous Apple products released during the excitement, which leads the market questioned whether this new device can become the best-selling products of the holiday season.
The demand is very strong in New York, there are still hundreds of people came in Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store. However, according to Piper Jaffray, originally queued consumers only 580, much lower than the 750 in the previous version of the iPad on sale in March.
Elsewhere in the United States before the store team to be shorter than the recent Apple products marketed. Team just other Apple products on sale in Apple’s backyard in San Francisco, a city center store ranks third to one half.
The way to work, the 55-year-old engineer Mike Boyer noted the length of the team less than a street, so he added. He said: “I plan to not queue up at lunch time.”newport 100s
iPad mini configured 7.9-inch display, whether the test Apple consolidate its position in the low-end tablet PC market by higher prices than their competitors products. the iPad mini Pricing starts at $ 329, while the starting price of the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire are $ 199. These devices use a 7-inch display.
Analysts forecast on sale the first weekend, Apple sold over 1 million units of iPad mini, reach several million units in the quarter’s sales.
Friday, Apple began selling an upgraded version of the full-size iPad minor upgrade, the product uses a 9.7-inch screen.
Apple’s share price reached a record high level in September, but investors began a new concern. Apple shares fell 3.3 percent to $ 576.80 on Friday.
The iPad mini deserted Offering the scene belongs expected, because of which the equipment is only part of the Apple overall iPad lineup, and connected to the data network capacity version on sale only until mid-November.
iPad mini first sales in New Zealand, only a few of row waiting outside a retail store in Wellington. Even so, the country’s stocks are dwindling.Newport 100s Cigarette 10 Cartons($25 per carton)
Dick Smith Electronics New Zealand merchandise manager Craig Douglas said the company received only a few hundred units of iPad mini for national distribution.
Outside Apple’s flagship store, about 50 Apple fans early on to wait at the door, much less than the iPhone 5 on sale in September, when hundreds of people.
Ranbir Kler leave the store, the software developer said Apple through advertising on Safari “indiscriminate bombing”, so come to buy the iPad mini. The 31-year-old Apple fans have the iMac, Apple TV and iPod, but not yet the iPad. He said, iPad Mini is very suitable nest on the sofa in the Internet.

70% of the fans voting to support the Lakers coaching change Brown: I’m very thick skinned

U.S. Eastern Time on November 2, won the favorite Lakers lost two straight in the season, head coach Mike – Brown became the target of public criticism, the class, the voice of a wave after wave. “Los Angeles Times” devoted to the fate of Brown is set to vote, 70% think Brown immediately after class to get out the vote, and only 30% support Brown to continue coaching. For the doubts, Brown lightly, and also claimed that: “to kill me, nothing, I have a thick skin.”
A reporter asked Brown when heard so many people want him what feelings the next class, Brown still smiled and responded: “If you want, then shoot me now, of course, I do not want anyone to do this, because Maybe something like this chances will happen. ”
Some people think that Brown absolutely no ability to control the Lakers locker room, now the Lakers to 0-2 start, Brown is well aware of all the gunfire has been aligned themselves. The Lakers are hoping the Finals, if the team could not do it, he will become the biggest scapegoat. Brown said such a Hall of Fame lineup after the All-Star Game to run-in is completed, but he also understands that he simply can not wait for that time.6 Cartons ($32 per item) – NEWPORT Box 100S (Menthol)
“Kill me, if you want to do it, no problem, my facial skin is very thick.” Brown said, “If I have a championship ring, if I is NBA (microblogging) players … believe me I was an easy target of attack, no big deal, which is a part of life. ”
Bryant (microblogging) in an interview before expressed support for Brown, “I think Brown will always Bi Feier – Jackson’s easier to be criticized, because Jackson got a lot of championships, while Brown has not, but if you pay attention to their offensive philosophy, you will find that in fact, exactly the same. “Bryant said.
“I received a lot of rewards, have a decent job, I still want the job.” Brown said, “I told the players this is a process, I illustrate the process for them to listen to, I think that the team still OK. ”
“Outsiders in the discussion, I do not know the more we lose, the more children will participate in the discussion and I know you’re just doing their own work, but I will always answer your questions been answered down.” Brown said.

Netherlands next year intends to introduce the luminous highway Prompted weather for vehicle charging

According to foreign media reports, the road glow in the dark more avant-garde idea sounds now this road may also be able to charge for electric vehicles, some of the concepts of this road will be the introduction of the Netherlands next year. The concept of smart highways have been proposed in last week’s Dutch Design Week, smart highway will be using the latest technology, the designers said that this road will be more sustainable, safer and more intuitive.smoke free cigarette

Electric vehicle priority lanes: one of the most innovative ideas have been proposed, the electric car dedicated lane to let the car while driving charge


Energy efficiency savings: The installation of energy-saving lamps in both sides of the road, when the driver driving a car approaching these lights, the lights will gradually lit;, these lights will gradually extinguished when leaving. This initiative will be implemented to avoid unnecessary waste of energy


Luminous road: next year the Netherlands will introduce luminous road light refrigeration powder applied to the road divider, the material can be charged in the sun light illuminate the road at night can maintain up to 10 hours


The company in charge of the project said their traditional mode of transport innovation and technology subjects are concentrated on the highway instead of some transport specific. Those most bold ideas for the future of the road are the establishment of a dedicated lane, lane allows vehicles to be charged in the process of moving. The designers also Another program that install energy-saving lamps on both sides of the road, when a driver driving a car approaching these lights, the lights will gradually lit;, these lights will gradually extinguished when leaving.

The designer said that the true sense of the smart highway is still relatively distant from the people’s lives. However, starting next year, the Dutch road will be a light-induced the luminescent powder coated road divider, the material can be charged in the sun light illuminate the road at night can maintain time can be up to 10 hours.

Another technique is to use applications highway system in the Netherlands next year to the temperature response kinetics paint, which enables transparent ice crystals before the driver’s nowhere to hide.

Dutch design studio the Studio Roosegaarde and the Heijmans proposed the idea, the idea of intelligent highway Design Grand Prix of the Netherlands was awarded the title of “best future concepts. However, how the process of charging the car on the road is not too much information available for study.4 Cartons ($34 per item) – NEWPORT King Size

The Studio Roosegaarde company said in a statement, “designer the Daan Roosegaarde Heijmans is committed to innovation on the highway, a change previously been focused on the car driving experience and innovative thinking.” Its innovative design concepts include: luminous road, power learn to paint, interactive induction lamps and induction priority lane these ideas will one by one in the next five years.

The studio also said that the design goal is to use interactive sensor lights and lane interact, so that the lane more sustainable more interactive activities, but also help to resolve specific traffic conditions.